Jan. 6, 2023

EPISODE 508 - Star Trek Prodigy "Supernova - part 2" review/discussion

EPISODE 508 - Star Trek Prodigy

Janeway on Janeway, Klingons and Chakotay and Picard season 3 news

EPISODE 508, welcome 2023!!! Uncle Jim and his Treksperts breakdown and discuss "Supernova  part-2", the season one finale of Star Trek Prodigy. How will Starfleet survive, what will happen to the Protostar crew, A message from a familiar crewmember from an alternate future, and how will all of this affacet season 2. We have an exciting new clip from Star Trek Picard season 3, and a soundbyte from the new USS Titan-A themesong, Strange New Worlds- The Illyrian Engima #1 is available, and Judy Koenig passes away. Convention Calendar will help you find other like-minded fans, we have Star Trek Birthday's and fan-shout outs. Call (646)668-2433 to join the conversation. Let's see what's out there...ENGAGE!