Trek Talking is a live call-in podcast run by Trek fans for Trek fans!  We discuss everything Star Trek related including the shows, comics, books, toys and more.  Thursday nights at 7:30 eastern you can tune into Trek Talking and join the conversation LIVE on air by calling (646) 668-2433 during the show, and Monday nights at the same bat time, same bat channel for Trek Talking 2, our overflow show.

  Our growing Facebook community of over 100,000 followers would love to have you!  Here, we at Trek Talking strive to create a safe space where fans of all eras/genres/timelines of Star Trek can openly discuss one of the greatest franchises of all time. Not everyone shares the same opinion, but we work to conduct ourselves with the ideals of Gene Roddenberry in mind.

  Trek Talking is more than just another Star Trek Podcast.  We are part of a global Star Trek family…and we would love to have you join us!  Like we always say, Star Trek fans are the best fans.  Live Long and Prosper.

About the Hosts

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Uncle Jim


I started Trek Talking in 2015 as way to keep Star Trek fans in the know about everything Star Trek, express my love for the franchise, and promote IDIC (Infinite Diversity Infinite Combinations) Since that time, it has bloomed into a live weekly podcast. Me and my Treksperts (cohosts) discuss the latest Star Trek episode, comic books, novels, video games, anything Star Trek related. I attended my first Star Trek Convention in 1983 and have been hooked ever since, cosplaying as a Klingon, and my favorite thing is meeting fans, like you, in person at the various events that Trek Talking attends. Call the show (646)668-2433, during showtime, and say Qapla'

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For me, Star Trek started with the syndicated show in the 70s, then the movies, and the different television shows and continued into movies. Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica to name just a few. September 1987 I gained a new interest in Sci-Fi when Star Trek: The Next Generation came to TV. My Mom and I became serious Trekies, including a couple early conventions. In the summer of 2016, the Las Vegas 51’s AAA Baseball Team celebrated Star Wars Day. At that game, I met two members of the USS Las Vegas Star Trek Club, and by the following month, I was a member of the club. A member of the club introduced me to The Trek Talking Podcast, and after becoming a frequent caller, got an offer to replace one of the co-hosts, and join the crew. Because of the show, I got into Star Trek Attack Wing, and into board gaming, and into IDW Comics and the new Star Trek Novels, which we review on the show.

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Paul Carson is a rabid movie and science fiction enthusiast who’s old enough to remember the first moon landing. He’s always been drawn to Star Trek’s optimistic vision of the future – but the monsters and spaceships didn’t hurt either. In his spare time, Paul writes, enjoys wine, and curates his extensive toy collection.

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Erik fancies himself Chief Entertainment Officer of this boat, and thoroughly enjoys his multiples roles as co-host, theme-song singer, audio engineer, copy editor, and vigorous counter-point maker. Drawn to Trek Talking in 2017 by a mutual love of The Best Franchise in the World™, he spends his non-Trek time partaking in various musical projects, reading copious amounts of graphic novels, and exploring the delicacies of the latest Spiel de Jahr contenders. Erik hails from Portland, OR.

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For me I became a Star Trek fan during the early to mid-nineties, my love for Sci-Fi shows started to gain momentum after finishing the DS9 series, (AKA my favorite Star Trek series) then I really started getting into Star Trek, from collecting Star Trek magazines and trinkets to playing Star Trek video games. I like all sorts of games from the board to PC. I've been told I have a great sense of humor and love to make people laugh.