March 26, 2023

Star Trek: Away Missions Coming July 2023

Star Trek: Away Missions Coming July 2023

Gale Force Nine has a brand new Star Trek miniatures board game coming in July. Say hello to  Star Trek Away Missions!

Star Trek Away Missions is a new entrant in the miniatures board game space. Two landing parties are pitted against each other in a mission for objectives. Score points over the three rounds to win and take home the victory.

There will be an initial launch box featuring Riker’s Away Team and Locutus’s Unimatrix. Yep! It’s the Battle of Wolf 359 all over again!

Riker’s Away Team

Locutus’s Unimatrix

Here’s a better look at some of the cards as well:

This is certainly a unique take on the miniatures with a more chibi style and yet still very much Star Trek. And the Federation and Borg crews aren’t the only ones landing in July either!

Gowron’s Honor Guard

Sela’s Infiltrators

We’ll be keeping an eye out for this game as GF9 releases more details. We’re about to have Away Team action in the Star Trek universe this summer. Will you defend the Federation or Assimilate?

Read more at Gale Force Nine’s site!