March 31, 2023

EPISODE 522- Star Trek: Picard Part 6 - "THE BOUNTY" Review/Discussion

EPISODE 522- Star Trek: Picard Part 6 -

Geordi is back, and he's not alone.

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Uncle Jim and his Treksperts dive into Star Trek Picard Part 6 "THE BOUNTY". The USS Titan is on the run, and makes a stop at Daystrom Station, where Starfleet keeps Top Secret "stuff". Among the things we see are, Genesis Device, Kirks Body, Archers Body, an attack tribble and a new version of Data. Riker, Worf and Raffi investigate, and run into Professor Morarity. The Titan then heads to the Starfleet Museum, we not only are treated to some classic and historical ships, but Commadore Geordi LaForge. Call (646)668-2433 with your opinion, Let's see What's Out There... ENGAGE!